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Optimizing the Home Network | Nexthink Library

Only Nexthink provides the real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation IT needs to continuously improve the digital employee experience for the flexible workplace.
Earlier this year, as organizations around the world adapted to new remote working environments, Nexthink released a library pack to support IT teams through this transition. The Remote Worker Experience pack introduced a multitude of new dashboards, remote actions, investigations, metrics and Engage campaigns. All with a single objective: monitor, manage and improve the current remote working landscape.

Network health, speed, and connectivity

The pack looks at employees’ home networks from a wide range of different aspects to facilitate troubleshooting. IT can explore this from a router perspective to analyze Wi-Fi strength, speed, and clarity to the local router, looking out for any packet loss along the way. They can also focus on connectivity by testing the connection to the general internet or the corporate intranet data center (UNC). Or they can look at how servers are responding to calculate page load time and RTT, see what type of connection was used (Wired, WiFi, Cellular…), understand channel health, identify particular locations having an issue and much more.

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