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Share Technologies role is to provide an end-to-end solution for organizations, including information infrastructure, virtualization, information security and information availability of the IT environment in any entity.

How do you drive down operational costs in your data center? Managing separate components from different vendors not only creates complexity, but it increases operational costs.

Corporate data moves within and outside of the perimeter. More mobility makes it more difficult to see how sensitive information is being accessed and moved into cloud applications.

Accelerate core applications and provide a modern data experience. Pure Storage®FlashArray™//X, the world’s first 100% all-flash end-to-end NVMe and NVMe-oFarray.

There are many different good reasons for companies and organizations to invest in virtualization today, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments

With the increased sensitivity of data and workforce regulations, it is crucial to ensure all users are adhering to the applicable rules of conduct and compliance regulations to avoid liability on your organization.

The IT world transformation is a reality now and the data sprawl caused by enormous amount of data created by the heterogenous systems in business environment is one of its effects in both structured and unstructured areas.